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Quarantine Advice: 3 Tips to stay Healthy

I was asked to share some helpful tips on conditioning and well-being during this quarantine on Chicago Radio 670AM and 780AM. Here's a transcript of the Medical Minute segment:

All of us enjoy different ways to stay active and fit; in extraordinary times like this some of our usual avenues of physical activity are taken away. And while we all look forward to returning to some level of normalcy its important to remember going from zero to 180 may lead to injury. 

That is why its important to do a few things right now to help keep you ready when you get back to activity.

  1. Take some oral vitamin D3 - 1000iu daily, and calcium 1000mg daily. This will help our bones while we may be getting less sunlight than usual
  2. Incorporate some daily stretches. Its important to keep your CORE strong, and your hamstrings and calf stretched out. Keeping these muscle groups conditioned will help prevent severe injury when sports and activities resume. My website: DRRONAKPATEL.COM has some nice videos on stretches you can do at home. 
  3. And finally, make sure to in communication with friends and family. Mental well-being is perhaps the biggest challenge right now and having avenues to vent frustrations, concerns and fears is important. Stay strong and we’ll get through this together.

Until then if you need any assistance or questions, you can contact us through my website at