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Chicago Mako-Assisted Surgery

Hinsdale Orthopaedics has been serving patients throughout the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area for more than six decades. We are well-known for being on the cutting edge of new and exciting ideas and equipment in the orthopaedic world. One such example has to do with the MAKO Surgical Corp. Founded in 2004, the publicly traded medical device company known as MAKO Surgical Corp., merged with Stryker Medical in 2013. The company manufactures and markets surgical robotic arms used in MAKO-Assisted Surgery in addition to being used for orthopaedic implants in partial knee and total hip arthroplasty. MAKO-Assisted Surgery is acclaimed as being able to enhance surgical accuracy and improve operating room efficiency in order to achieve the best patient outcomes. As a result, on the occasion Chicago patients are seeking the finest state-of-the-art MAKO-Assisted Surgery, Hinsdale Orthopaedics is the only name they need to know.

With MAKO-Assisted Surgery, it is well-known that this robotic-arm assisted surgery is making inroads in medicine and transforming Orthopaedics. Both the accuracy and the precision of the MAKO –Assisted Surgery is definitely reason enough for its popularity. In fact, MAKO-Assisted Surgery is able to achieve the highest level of surgical accuracy, reproducibility, optimization of component position and better patient outcomes. That’s because in MAKO-Assisted Surgery, the robot acts as an extension of the surgeon’s eyes and hands to help the surgeon operate more effectively through a smaller incision. This procedure is so much better for the patient that total bone replacement surgery. What’s more, Chicago patients can depend upon Hinsdale Orthopaedics to not only strive to meet their expectations, but to consistently exceed them.

The use of a guidance system like MAKO-Assisted Surgery means a lot to so many Chicago patients. As a minimally invasive procedure, patients can be assured of the surgeons preserving as much of the natural bone and tissue as possible. Additionally, there is less scarring, less blood loss and a shorter hospitalization. Best of all, chances are you will be able to resume regular activities much sooner with MAKO-Assisted Surgery than with traditional surgery.

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