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Creighton basketball player, Jade Owens, gives a shout out to her surgeon, Dr. Benjamin Domb

A great Q&A with Dr. Benjamin Domb discussing hip injuries & the road to recovery

(an excerpt from the article)

Q: What is it about hip injuries that make them so difficult?

A: A lot of it has to do with the technology they have, and the MRIs. It’s hard to detect that. I had two different MRIs, and it wasn’t showing up on there. Everyone was confused as to how to proceed with it. In that regard, it’s hard to diagnose the initial injury. It really takes getting in there with a hip scope. I came back home (to Chicago) and saw a great doctor, Dr. Benjamin Domb, the Chicago Sky’s team physician. He was able to look at me, move my hip around and knew right away what the issues were.

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