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Is this something new? I've never had to do this before.

Due to the high number of deductible plans, and higher patient coinsurance benefits, this has become necessary at our Practice. Please keep in mind, we will not charge your card if you do not owe anything.

How can I trust that you will keep my credit information safe?

We do not keep any credit card information on file, in the office, or on any of the computers we have. We use a secure gateway that is completely compliant as required by law.

How much are you going to charge my card?

We will charge your card in accordance with what your insurance company tells us is your responsibility.

Will you send me a bill to let me know what I owe?

After your appointment, you will receive an EOB that will tell you what you are responsible for. We receive the same letter within 20-30 days following your appointments. We will review each EOB carefully and charge your credit card with the amount that is determined by your insurance to be your responsibility.

What is a deductible and how does it affect me?

An annual deductible is the dollar amount you must pay out of pocket during the year for medical expenses before your insurance coverage begins.

For example, if your policy has a $500 deductible, you must pay the first $500 of medical expenses before your insurance company begins to pay for any services.

This works in the same method as the deductible for your car insurance or homeowner's insurance policy.

When does a deductible begin?

Your deductible begins at the start of your plan next year. Plans can start on any date but typically plan years begin either on January 1st or July 1st.

What is my Co-Insurance due amount?

Once your deductible is met for the year, your plan benefit may have a percentage of the contracted amount for services that they will pay vs. the percentage that you will pay.

For example, if your benefit plan is 80% insurance/20% patient: If the insurance allows $1,000 as payment for the surgery, per our contract with the insurance, they will pay $800, leaving $200 owed by you as your co-insurance.

What happens if I need to dispute my bill?

We will always work with you to determine if there has been a mistake on your bill, and we will refund you if we have made a billing error. We will only charge you the amount that we are instructed to by your insurance carrier in your Explanation of Benefits.

Does my doctor know you are doing this?

Yes, all the doctors are aware that we do this.

I've always paid my bills on time. Why do I have to give you a credit card?

Due to the complexities of the current healthcare laws, it is necessary we take this approach with all of our patients.

I have dual insurances and I am covered at 100%, so I will never have a charge. Do I still need to give you a credit card?

Even with dual insurances, there are often times a patient still has some responsibility. Please keep in mind, we will not charge your card if you do not owe anything.

I do not have a credit or debit card. I pay all my bills by check or cash.

We will expect check or cash payment to be made prior to your surgery for the estimated total of the current unmet deductible as well as co-insurance responsibilities.

Who can I talk to about this policy?

We have dedicated staff members who would be happy to discuss the credit card on file program with you. Please see any staff member to get in touch with one of these individuals.